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Our Story

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Julia and Matthew (J+M) met in 2003 on a blind date in La Jolla, CA. From that first evening at Barbarella (still their favorite restaurant), they knew they were meant for each other. Fireworks literally ignited off in the distance at the end of their meal, (which of course Matthew takes credit for), from the SeaWorld nightly show. A perfect ending to an awesome evening and a perfect beginning for their new life together. Devoted partners both in life and in business, they have been co-creating together ever since.


J+M are San Diego, CA natives and have also lived in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas, Boulder, CO, and Austin, TX.


When they are not working with clients, they enjoy spending quality time together and with their dog, Sofia. They love learning, exploring, hiking, cooking, dancing, yoga, movies, art, design, photography, and acting silly. 

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