Wealth Management

Strategies to help grow and protect your wealth.

RockStar Financial complements your secured income and estate plan by growing your surplus assets. We will balance risk and reward and manage the impact of taxes.

The 3 Types of Money




Tax Deferred



The ultimate strategy when building wealth is to have your money diversified in all 3 buckets. We will help you determine the optimal amount to put in each bucket as well as which types of strategies to use so that you are paying the least amount of taxes you possibly can.

Custom-built portfolios tailored to meet your needs.

Everybody’s situation is different. We take the time to understand your needs and wants and handcraft a portfolio that reflects your unique situation. You’ll be able to track it in real time and have 24/7 access to our team.


Tactical Opportunity 


Take advantage of the market as it changes and leverage new and/or existing industries. 


Tactical Dividend 


Pursue a balance between growth and income to complement objectives.


Tactical Income Portfolio

Maintain spending power while targeting returns above the investment grade bond market.


Tactical Preservation


Preserve capital first with no significant returns required to meet retirement goals.

All investment strategies include...

  • Tactical management

  • 100% focus on returns

  • Handcrafted design

  • Flat monthly advisory fee

  • Transparent fund activity

  • Full liquidity, use, and control

  • Real-time tracking

  • 24/7 access to team

  • Ability to move anytime

What does 'tactical investing' mean?

Investors have been conditioned to believe in a passive investment approach. They are told to buy and hold onto a set of products and continue the course even when the market crashes by 40%.

The typical investing approach we see so often is what we call passive. Today, this old 'buy and hold' strategy has become more like the ‘buy and hope’ strategy.


We think differently about your investments.

Using a tactical approach, we are able to actively manage your portfolio on a daily basis; allowing us to quickly rotate from offense to defense, if necessary.

With a personalized tactical approach, your portfolio focuses on returns with the optimal amount of risk.


We have a Fiduciary responsibility to our clients, which means that we hold a legal and ethical relationship of trust with everyone we engage in business with.

Be your own Bank.

Another way in which we help clients is by showing them how to leverage their money by using the same business model that banks and other wealthy individuals have been using for hundreds of years. Let us teach you how to become your own bank!

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